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Welcome to Silent Confession

Miyuki is a regular girl, but she secludes herself from others because they think she is weird. One day, after being yelled at by some stuck up girl,she somehow befriends a guy named Shiro and even develop feelings for him. But would he still be by her side after knowing shes actually a mute? After the main story, there will be 2 bonus stories that relate to the main story. Oh..and lots of sketches of them. Bonus story 1: "I love you" Miyuki is worried about not expressing her feelings toward Shiro clearly. Bonus Story 2: "Lets be friends?" Ever since Nina laid her eyes on Miyuki, she has wanted to be friends with her. But her actual encounter was when her sister Mimi bumped into Miyuki and picked a fight with her. See the story in Nina's eyes. This is a bunch of nooby stuf...The pages will be traditional, its a one shot <3 Enjoy I guess.. Warning: Incredibly shoujoy. Oh, and by nooby, I mean really nooby *banga head on wall* A bit rushed, sketchy and not so good anatomy+ weird paneling.. Dont expect to much :DDDDDDDDDDD Im doing this for experience //SLAPPED. Umm..so yeah..no toning and stuff, because I dont know how to... Updates on tuesdays and thursadays


June 29th, 2013, 6:20 pm

Silent Confession launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Silent Confession! Comics coming soon!

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